Home Safety Warning from your Owasso Electrical Contractor

Attention Home Owner!

Fire Danger and Explosions are possible in your Stove, Furnace, and Hot Water Tank due to a simple Yellow Gas Pipe (If your home uses gas or propane).

You need to have this Yellow Gas Pipe fixed NOW! Why?

1. Pin Hole Leaks & Explosions: This flexible Yellow Gas Pipe has been known to develop pin hole leaks, and can cause an explosion if lightning strikes near your home.

2. A Warning has been Issued: The State of Oklahoma Construction Industries Board has issued a warning concerning this Yellow Gas Pipe also known as Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing [CSST]. Visit www.CSSTSafety.com for more info about CSST.

3. It is now the Law: The Governor of Oklahoma issued a new law as of April 11th, 2012 that requires defective Yellow Gas Pipes to be properly bonded & grounded. Since the new rule was just created recently, even new homes may need this repair.

4. Licensed Electrical Contractors only: This law requires that only a Licensed Electrical Contractor can assess whether or not the pipe is grounded or is in need of repair.

Check your stove, furnace and hot water tank today. If you have the Yellow Pipe, you need help!

We can help you prevent an explosion and comply with the law. Contact JL’s Electric your Owasso Electrical Contractor to set up a service call to determine whether or not yours needs to be repaired. Call 918-232-1662.


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